Frequently asked questions

How do I book a court or lesson?

you can book a court by calling 07956 446 430 or by texting. Alternatively you can use this website to request a court date and time, and we will confirm the same day.

Can I book at either venue?

Yes! we have members rates and non members rates at both venues. If you play regularly, it may be worth becoming a member to get the best rates for court bookings and lessons.

Im new to racquet sports, will i be ok with padel?

Yes! padel is much easier to pick up that other racquet sports. This is due to the smaller court size, shorter racquets, slower moving ball and the fct you have walls that you can rebound off and onto.

I want my own court.. how do i get a quote?

For more info on padel court structures, please visit our sister site: PadelTennis.co.uk or email us at info@padeltennis.co.uk

I want to play padel but dont have 3 partners to make up the 4 needed, can i find people to play with?

Yes, both sports club have active padel memberships and teams, so it esy to make new friends and find new playing partners.